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Genuine BMW F22 F30 F32 F80 F82 F87 M Carbon Rear Carbon Wing Spoiler (inc. M2, M3 & M4)

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You may wish to add the Genuine BMW M Performance Spoiler 1K 50ml Adhesive


The M Performance rear spoiler underline the sporty appearance of the M4. The rear spoiler is perfectly adapted to the vehicle design. The production takes place in elaborate manual work and gives the rear spoiler a high-quality appearance.

A TÜV registration is not necessary. All parts are already homologated with the complete vehicle. An ABE is not required as the parts perimeter are already homologated with the entire vehicle.

The M Performance carbon rear spar flows through to 100% of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFK, carbon). Sealed with clear lacquer.
The material is UV and temperature resistant.
The rear spoiler is flowed through carbon is bolted in conjunction with substructure consoles with the tailgate.
For mounting various additional parts are needed. An exact quote is available on request (please indicate the chassis number).


You will also need the Genuine BMW F22 F30 F32 F80 F82 F87 M Carbon Rear Carbon Wing Spoiler Installation Kit (inc. M2, M3 & M4) for installation.








2 Series F22 Coupe
218d (1H31 / 2G51)
218i (2F11)
220d (1H11 / 2G71)
220dX (2G91)
220i (1J11 / 2F31)
225d (1H71 / 2H11)
228i (1F51)
230i (2F51)
M235i (1J71)
M235iX (1J91)
M240i (2G11)
M240iX (2G31)

2 Series F22 LCI Coupe
218d (2J91)
218i (2H31)
220d (2U11)
220dX (2U31)
220i (2H51)
225d (2U51)
230i (2H71)
M240i (2J51)
M240iX (2J71)

2 F87 M2 Coupe
M2 (1H91)

2 F87 M2 LCI Coupé
M2 (1J51)
M2 Competition (2U71)

3-series F30 Saloon
316d (3D91 / 3W31)
316i (3A11 / 3A15)
318d (3D11 / 3D15)
318dX (3J31)
320d (3D31 / 3D35)
320d ed (3E11 / 3E15)
320dX (3D51)
320i (3B11 / 3B15)
320i ed (3J91)
320iX (3C31)
325d (3D71)
328i (3A51 / 3A55 / 3C11 / 3C15)
328iX (3B51)
330d (3E51)
330dX (3E31)
335dX (3J71)
335i (3A91 / 3A95)
335iX (3B91)

Hybrid 3 (3F91)

3 Series F30 LCI Sedan

316d (8F91)
318d (8C31 / 8C35)
318dX (8C11)
318i (8E31 / 8E35)
320d (8C51 / 8C55)
320d ed (8D11)
320dX (8C91)
320i (8A11 / 8A15 / 8A91)
320i ed (8D51)
320iX (8A51)
325d (8D31 / 8F11)
328i (8E71 / 8E91)
330d (8F31)
330dX (8F51)
330e (8E11)
330i (8A71 / 8A75 / 8B91)
330iX (8B11)
335dX (8F71)
340i (8B31 / 8B35)
340iX (8B71)

M Series F80 M3 Saloon
M3 (3C91)

M Series F80 M3 LCI Saloon
M3 (8M91)

4 Series F32 Coupe
418d (4P51)
418i (4N11)
420d (3P11 / 4P71)
420dX (3P31 / 4P91)
420i (3N11 / 4N31)
420iX (3S51 / 4N51)
425d (3P51 / 4R11)
428i (3N31 / 3N71)
428iX (3N51)
430d (3P71)
430dX (3S31)
430i (4N71)
430iX (4N91)
435dX (3S91)
435i (3R11)
435iX (3R51)
440i (4P11)
440iX (4P31)

4 Series F32 LCI coupe
418d (4X11)
418i (4S11)
420d (4X31)
420dX (4X51)
420i (4S31)
420iX (4S51)
425d (4X71)
430d (4X91)
430dX (4Y11)
430i (4S71 / 4W31)
430iX (4W11)
435dX (4Y31)
440i (4W71)
440iX (4W91)

M Series F82 M4 coupe
M4 (3R91)

M Series F82 M4 LCI coupe
M4 (4Y91)


To ensure the part(s) you have ordered fits your vehicle, we run a compatibility check prior to dispatch. We can do this either using your registration number(UK) or the last 7 digits of your VIN. Simply enter your car details prior to checkout.




Manufactured by

BMW - Genuine BMW Performance Parts.



Two years manufacturer warranty for UK customers and one year manufacturer warranty for international customers if VIN is provided during check out on compatible vehicles.


Fitted Photos

Special thanks to Danny P, from M2 Owners Club for sharing his fitted photos.